Resources for Carers

Befriending Service

As a Carer, are you feeling isolated and need someone to talk to?

Then the Befriending Service might be able to help. You could gain support from a fully trained volunteer from the Carers Centre Befriending Service.

 They are there to offer a listening ear, encouragement to access groups or activities or signpost you to services/ activities relevant to you.

Befriending volunteers could meet you in your home, in the Community, at the Carers Centre or maybe go for a walk with you to get you out of the house. The support is very much focused on what you the Carer needs.

 “Here is one carers story…..A Carer was feeling isolated and didn’t know where to turn for support. She accessed the Carers Centre befriending scheme and met with one of our volunteers. They started off meeting in the carers own home, having a brew and chatting about things that where going on in the carers life. The volunteer offered a listening ear and helped her find out about groups she could go to. They met regularly and got to know each other, the carer felt more confident and eventually started to come along to the coffee morning together, she was also able to gain some benefits advice to ensure she was up-to-date”.

If you feel you may benefit from support from our trained Befriending volunteer, just get in touch

More services for Carers

Thanks to funding from Lloyds TSB the Carers Centre is delighted to be able to offer Carers a variety of services to complement the existing Befriending Service.

These include Supper Clubs, Social evenings, training in on-line communications (i.e. email and Skype,) Telephone Befriending will make the service more accessible for all Carers.

If you are a Carer and would like to know more about the Befriending service, or would like to become a Befriending Volunteer, please contact Catherine on 01942 705959.