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Here is an up-date on our high quality, professional and relaxing therapies at the Carers Centre.

Carers feedback – Reiki – “Really enjoyable and relaxing” Massage – “Really wonderful treatment and fantastic value. Such a lovely thing to look forward to, Thank you” and “This is a wonderful therapy for a person to experience, not only a massage but someone who cares for the carer as well”

Reflexology – “Excellent treatment highly recommended” . Footcare – “Excellent Treatment”

The Centre has purpose built relaxation therapy rooms and offers Carers of all ages regular therapy sessions to give them time out from their caring role

We have lots of treatments available, for details click here ... Just give us a call on 01942 705959 to make an appointment...

Why Have A Therapy?

Unfortunately, for many people today, stress seems to be a fact of life, especially for those caring for someone else. The Carers Centre offers a range of Holistic Therapy Treatments to help relieve stress related symptoms, including tension and muscular aches and pains, leaving you feeling revitalised and back on an even keel.

What To Expect

All Therapy treatments are performed by qualified therapists and are available for £10.00 to anyone registered with the Carers Centre and £22.00 for non Carers.

The treatment you have will depend upon what you and the therapist agree is most suitable. All our Therapies services are held at the Carers Centre in a private consultation room and generally last 1 hour.
Many people are quite anxious before their first therapy, but our qualified therapists will put you at ease.


Massage Therapy
Massage is a wonderfully relaxing experience which can be an effective treatment for a range of physical problems, whilst also producing a feeling of well being and renewed vitality. 

Aromatherapy Upper Body Massage Using a pure essential oil blend applied to the upper body (arms, neck, shoulders, face & head). This treatment concludes with a relaxing and soothing back massage.

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage This relaxing massage is enhanced by the use of pure essential oils, which are specifically blended to suit the individual's needs.

Other treatments include Reflexology A reflexology treatment aims to re-balance and unblock energy pathways, which run through the body. Each part of the foot corresponds to a part of the body; it's manipulated in a way that will help fulfill the aim of the treatment. A gentle foot massages using skin softening moisturisers/masks and pure essential oils are also used in this very relaxing treatment. It should be stressed that reflexology is not a medical treatment, and that reflexologists do not diagnose illness, nor do they practice medicine.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

On your first appointment the therapist will ask you a few questions about your medical history to ensure you are suitable for different types of therapies.


Because our therapy treatments are given for the purposes of relaxation and support, it is very unlikely that any medical conditions you may have will disqualify you from receiving some sort of Therapy. However, there are some people who should completely avoid therapy treatments. You should not have therapy treatments if:

  • You have a contagious/infectious skin condition (like impetigo)
  • ou are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (at least 12 hours before and after the treatment)
  • You have a fever and/or flu
  • You are extremely weak

some conditions may require medical approval, and if you suffer from any of the following conditions , you may need to speak to your doctor first: Cancer Diabetes Kidney Infections Epilepsy Psychotic conditions
There are some other conditions that may limit the types of therapies, but our Therapists will advise you on this.

How to Book an Appointment

Call in at the centre or telephone us on 01942 705959 and we will make an appointment at a time convenient to you.